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How to arrive


The Girassol Hotel Bed & Breakfast, is located at centre of  the Porto city at Sá da Bandeira street, near Passos Manuel street cross, Aliados Avenue, and the City Hall.

Rua Sá da Bandeira, 133
4000-433 PORTO


GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 41.147606      Longitude: -8.608386

Local Maps:

For your orientation, please see the following Porto Local Maps. Click on map for further information!



If you wish you can use the Porto Metro net.

The nearest stop is BOLHÃO, no mater what line you use.

Metro is working after 6.00 AM till 12.00 PM


If you come from South Portugal:

- At the end of High Way A1, follow Ponte do Freixo (Freixo bridge) direction.

- At the end of Ponte do Freixo (Freixo bridge), exit to right to Freixo.

- Follow Rua do Freixo (Freixo street) and, at the top, turn right to Estação de Campanhã

  (Campanhã railway station) .

- Turn left to Rua Pinto Bessa (Pinto Bessa street), and turn left again to R. Padre António Vieira.

  (Padre António Vieira street).

- Follow right to R. do Heroísmo (Heroismo street), ahead till Jardim de S. Lázaro (S.Lázaro garden).

- Turn right to R. D. João IV (D. João IV street), and go ahead to Padrão cross (2nd cross).

- Turn left to R. de Santo Ildefonso (Santo Ildefonso street) and go ahead till Praça da batalha.

  (Batalha square).

- Turn left and follow right R. 31 de Janeiro (31 de Janeiro street).

- At the end, turn right again, to R. de Sá da Bandeira (Sá da Bandeira street).

- Finally, you'll find us 500mts after on your left. There are a private parking near.


If you come from North Portugal, by the A3, A4 or Via Norte:

By the A3 or A4:

- Exit to VCI, direction high way A1.

- On VCI, exit right to Arca de Àgua.

- Left surround the square in 180º and enter again on VCI.

- Exit to right to Porto Centro (Porto centre).

- At the 2nd traffic lights, follow right to R. de Faria Guimarães (Faria Guimarães street).

- At the next Traffic lights, turn right to Rua do Covelo (Covelo street).

- At the 2nd corner, turn left to Rua Pedro Ivo (Pedro Ivo street).

- Again turn left to R. Dr. Adriano Paiva (Dr. Adriano Paiva street).

- Turn right to R. Dr. Joaquim Kopke (Dr Joaquim Kopke street).

- Go ahead to R. de S. Brás (S.Brás street).

- Turn to left to R. de Camões (Camões street) till Câmara Municipal (City Hall).

- Follow Avenida dos Aliados (Aliados Avenue), till Praça da Liberdade (Liberdade square).

- At Praça da Liberdade (Liberdade square), turn left, surrounding 90º, to R. Sá da Bandeira

  (Sá da Bandeira street).

- Finally, you'll find us 500mts after on your left. There are a private parking near.

By Via Norte:

- Exit to VCI, direction Ponte do Freixo (Freixo street).

- Follow the 2nd right exit, to Porto centro (Porto centre).

- Repeat the same trajectory, as defined bellow at 5th paragraph and after.